Belle Mundi

Award-Winning Design for Film, TV and Theatre


A play about modern day strife set in the Rome of Pompey, written by Chris Hannan. Directed by Glenn Walford.


The third-year acting students at the Academy of Live and Recorded Art (ALRA) were:

Samantha Arends (Jalata)

Daniel Blacker (Crassus/Yanis/Grin)

Clare Chater (Ranee/Oola)

William Croft (Wocky)

Lindsey Crow (Flood)

Kelly Godfrey (Marcella/Ayeesha)

Kit Green (Sorcha/Flower Seller/Size)

Hamilton Lee (Pompey/Officer/ Butter)

Emma Liversidge (Zuuzibarra/   Nuddy)

Margarita Nazarenko (Macu)

Emily Rayner (Laura/Phyllida)

Jane Smithson (Rana/Sharma)

Diana-Mae Wilson (Emilia)


Some of these costumes I made entirely and some were made up of hired items with other pieces I made added. Macu's orange dress had two versions, one clean, and one distressed and torn. Emilia and Wocky both needed two costumes making, one for before the fire, one for after the fire (burnt).