Belle Mundi

Award-Winning Design for Film, TV and Theatre


Sublime Boudoir is an events production company run by Alston Stephanus. There were four extravagant cabaret/ burlesque/live music events in four different venues over four nights in Amsterdam. I designed the sets and staging for each venue. My assistant was Heike Scharrer.


- House of Amsterdam (a traditional canal-side Dutch house, used as a party venue, on several floors)

- Muziekgebouw (the state of the art classical music concert hall in Amsterdam) - tree design by Brenda at FioreDorato, Singapore

- Tropen (Tropical) Museum (a research institute and library with its own unique theatre)

- Renaissance building (a cupola with musical organ, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Sublime Boudoir “Seduction of Senses” – presents their event in Amsterdam, 2012