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Sublime Boudoir is an events production company run by Alston Stephanus. At the Old Vic Tunnels I designed several sets for his 1920s/30s event called "A Marvellous Adventure". My assistant was Heike Scharrer.

The sets were built by Rory and Dan at IDC, London:


The tunnels were completely empty before we started.


- Reception Room and Stage

In the style of a grand old house, with wood panelling and painted plaster walls, and an art deco stage, large crystal chandeliers, expensive antiques and furniture, but with a surreal twist.


- Garden

Garden fantasy with large mural, garden arches with vines, a flower tree, ice sculpture and grass.


- Ship

A 1920s ocean liner that 'set sail' with diners aboard to a surprise destination. The main stage and the two smaller stages further down the tunnel were used for cabaret and burlesque performances while dinner was being served.


Flowers for the event were by Brenda and her team at FioreDorato, Singapore and Dallas:

Sublime Boudoir - seduction of senses presents

“A Marvellous Adventure”

at the Old Vic tunnels, London, 2013