Belle Mundi

Award-Winning Design for Film, TV and Theatre


Production designer: Arthur Max; Set Decorator: Sonja Klaus    


Work that I did on the film includes:

  • the design and make of two different styles of ceremonial bags for ashes, one leather and one linen, two copies of each;

  • covering a wooden trunk with leather, doing the stud work and attaching the handles, lining it inside, and ageing the whole thing (this trunk was later used on GAME OF THRONES as a hero prop);

  • ageing the scroll bag (long thin leather bags) lightly, and then with a 25-year-ageing effect (darker, rotting, more broken down);

  • working on props, ageing and breaking down leather bags, leather work and metal studs on the tents, army equipment, pottery, horse tack and drapes; and

  • dressing the pigeon coup with feathers, straw and paint guano and dressing some of the huts clustered around the bridge of the Tower of London set at Shepperton Studios.